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What We Do

It's not just about what we do, it's how about how we do it.

High Quality Photographs

We understand that buyers are visually interested in property, by ensuring that we capture your property in the very best way, we can entice viewers which if done correctly will convert into an early offer. Whatever the condition, we take multiple shots from various angles to ensure that prospective buyers have a full overview. We use as many pictures as possible but often save some pictures for extra marketing. All images are HD and of the very highest standard.

3D Floorplans

The importance of floorpans is often overlooked, as standard and part of our package, we create to accurate and comprehensive floor plans in a basic 2D version and a 3D version so that you can check the property lay out before you make a viewing. This ensures that viewers have had all the relevant information that require before viewing which helps us send you the more quality viewer.

Rightmove Premium & Featured Listings

Each property is promoted on Rightmove by way of a premium listing. This add on is something we do to all properties, its shows your property listing in more detail and stands out in over other basic Rightmove properties. All new listings are promoted through the Rightmove Featured Property Listing also which again ensures maximum exposure at no cost to you. We don’t charge for a service that should come as standard.

High Quality Brochures

Much of our marketing is digital but we still maintain highly presentable brochures that are printed in house so that we can ensure everyone can see a detailed overview of your property. Your property brochure will be detailed with accurate measurements, HD Photographs, Floor Plans and additional details. We continue to mail out brochures as we still believe it is an important and valuable way of marketing.

Email Marketing

Digital media as as much as an importance as our High Street Presence office, High Quality Brochures and Telephone Marketing. Prospective buyers are sent details of new properties before Rightmove & Zoopla have listed them, so if you are an active Hot Buyer, ensure that you are register with us. As a seller, you can be assured that your property is delivered efficiently, effectively and quicker than any other method available. We done just send details, we have newsletters, property information and ‘How To Guides’. Sign up to our emails today and find your perfect home.

Pro Active Telephone Sales

Not only do we sell more property than any other Estate Agent in Wallasey, we sell more property than any other Estate Agent in Wirral! This is down to many factors including customer service, constant and effective marketing and us actively marketing your property to people before they react to our listing. Communication is key, that’s why we ensure that always speak to our vendors, all prospective buyers and anyone who could assist in a property sale. We don’t wait for your house to sell, we actively sell it for you.

Constructive Feedback

As part of your customer service experience you can expect feedback to be requested from every viewing on your property, by discussing factors with potential buyers we can often find out more about your property than you may have noticed. Each viewer will have a different outlook on your property, some will love it, some will want to change things and others will find that its ‘not the property for them’.

Feedback is great for us to ensure that marketing is going the right direction, but its gives you a complete unbiased overview of your home. We will give you feedback that would encourage more viewers, give us further information to answer them all important vital questions  and it gives us a good indication of what a viewer would be prepared to pay on your property. Feedback is good, constructive feedback is better!

Property Reviews

It's important for your property to be reviewed on a regular basis, in fact, Bakewell & Horner Estate Agents review your property at least once a week. You will never be left in the dark about whats going on, how we are marketing, feedback and potential offers. We also ensure that if your property is not receiving the attention it deserves, then we find a solution to the problem. We don’t leave your property to go stale, we change adverts, update photographs and consistently improve marketing strategies. What is important to note is that we will always update you, even to tell you nothing has changed. Communication is key.

Customer Service

Bakewell & Horner Estate Agents are certified in Customer Service Training, we want to ensure that your experience is flawless, without stress and a pleasurable time. Our team understands our clients needs and adapts to each and every situation, we are available 7 days a week and able to answer all your property questions. Our experience shows in our level of customer service provided. We build good relationships with our clients and customers and promote a positive, helpful and friendly environment that will leave a great long lasting impression.

Ready To Sell?

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